Friday, January 8, 2010

Look to the Sky....

Every year new bands and singing sensations are tipped as the ones to watch for their musical talents. 2009 saw a rise in those popular not only for their lungs but for their unique fashion sense. I think we can all admit going a little Gaga about a certain Lady, as well as swooning over Florence Welch (of the Machine) 's Renaissance/"I just found this in my treasure chest" style .

This year it's forecasted that it's time for 17 year old Sky Ferreria to shine. Describing her music as "French Pop/Dutch Pop/Chinese Pop", Sky has already recorded alongside Britney Spears as well as making the late Michael Jackson cry.

What strikes me about Sky is her impeccable LA style of a grungy teen chic, even causing some to tout that she makes Rihanna look "shy and retiring". Personally I love her shabby pop get-together and I can't wait to see even more of it this coming year!



  1. wow shes only 17? shes really pretty and her hair is amazing

  2. I know and the last pick has such an MK Olsen vibe...