Saturday, May 15, 2010

Remember Now

Ever since watching Kaiser Karl's "Remember Now" [see it here:], I have become enamored by actress/model Elisa Sednaoui.

Brimming with that je ne sais quoi only an Italian who grew up in France could have,  Elisa's style screams minimalist chic. And how could she not have incredible style, considering Monsieur Louboutin is her godfather. And as if she couldn't get any cooler she also grew up in Egypt!(i.e. my other home!)

Jealous much? I know I am. Check out some of her incredible closet and style mantra here...


  1. nice photos

    Kisses from France
    Olivia & Mariam


  2. She's incredbly beautiful!!! I love her in the Lagerfeld video! oxoxoxoxo

  3. I know no wonder she's his muse!